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Internet Domain Registration Sites

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    Maybe you can find a person or organization by searching for its Web domain names, such as creator.org or elvisisalive.com. Listings include name, address and E-mail address. Search in the registry of top-level domains (only .com, org., .net). Use just the domain name (yahoo.com), not a full URL (www.yahoo.com or http://www.yahoo.com). Note the help file for other options, including searching by company name.

  • CoolWhois

    Lets you look up the registration information for any domain name including the generic top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz) and the country top level domains (such as .uk, .de, .to, .ws, .at, etc.).

  • Open Access Dialog Dot Com Search Tips

    Choose Your Options

    Use only the search options that you need--leave the others blank.

    Words in Domain Name

    Use this option to search words that appear in the domain name (excluding the top level domain). A "word" is any alphanumeric sequence. Combine words to get specific information: DOMAIN AND (NAME OR NAMES) Note: Due to the large size of the Domain Names database, it is suggested that truncation be used with caution.

    Exact Domain Name

    You can search a complete domain name (excluding the top level domain), but you must enter it with its exact punctuation. Example: MY-HOUSE-FOR-SALE

    Top Level Domain

    You can enter a specific top level domain. Example: COM


    Owners will locate entries for both historical and current owners. Enter the company or individual's name, leaving out words like Corp., Inc., etc. Example: HEWLETT-PACKARD   To restrict the results to current owners only, select the Content option Current Names (WhoIs).


    You can restrict the search to all domain names, current domain names only (WhoIs) or historic domain names (WhoWas).


    You can search any names or restrict to only those names that are available, registered or expired.


    Domain Names. Comprehensive information on domain names, containing both current registration (WhoIs) records and historic ownership (WhoWas) records for Internet domain names.



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