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New Story Ideas

Page history last edited by arr 11 years, 11 months ago

Please post your story ideas here.  Be sure to indicate URL and your name and e-mail (so colleagues can contact you). 

(NB: If you are not clear on how to add or edit content on these pages, click here and play around.  Don't worry, you can't do any



  • New Story  #1 Where has all the money raised by both candidates gone? How is it accounted for? What kinds of demographic information is retained?
  • Who has made the most money from each campaign by individual and by company?
  • What happens if money is left over? Who gets it?
  • What are the motivations behind errors in statements by the candidates? How could that be gotten at?
  • The average individual American citizens has a great deal of power in the world over other people. How can the gravity of this fact be communicated and exemplified? Is this good? How can such a average individual citizen be well informed?


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